Guitar Player

Professional guitar player Nick Wood plays a range of styles including rock, pop, funk, reggae and progressive and is equally adept at lead or rhythm guitar. Whether live on stage or in a studio environment he will bring your gig or project to life.

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Bass Player

If you need a professional bass player for a gig, band or session then you need look no further than Nick Wood. Already an accomplished guitar player he has been playing bass guitar both live and in the studio for a number of years.

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Songwriter & Composer

From simple rock to complex ethereal pieces Nick Wood has the creative ability and passion to conjure up soundscapes and harmony as well as edgey pop, rock and fusion songs. Specialising in instrumental pieces in the media vein hw will turn his hand to any musical opportunity.

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Need a different slant on your recording project? Utilise Nicks studio engineering and production experience to take your songs to the next level! Whatever the genre, he will pull all the tricks out of the bag to make your songs stand out from the crowd!

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Available For Gigs & Deps

Nick Wood is an accomplished guitar player who is equally at home playing bass guitar as well as playing rythm and lead guitar. He has a vast repertoir to draw upon and is very keen and a fast learner and will pick up an entire new setlist within a weeks notice. He is prepared to travel and has own gear and transport.

Songwriting & Composition

Nick writes and records music at his own Kent based recording studio. A keen composer from the age of 18 he has written many compositions including some for Channel 5 television. His studio contains all the instruments required and he also has access to top rate session players to bring his pieces to life.

Recording & Production

Let Nick Wood record and produce your songs at his Kent based recording studio. The studio is fully equipped and he has the tools available to produce a professional sounding mix. To find out more visit the Broadwood Music Website to find out more about his recording services.

About UK Guitarist Nick Wood

Born and raised in the Medway Towns in Kent, Nick was into music from the age of 8 after hearing bands like The Sweet, Mud, Wizard and The Rubettes on Top Of The Pops! Enjoying the glam antics of bass player Steve Priest, he set about converting an old acoustic guitar into a bass guitar (by removing the top two strings and adding a silver painted piece of wood to look like a pickup!).


  • I was looking on the internet for a recording studio to record a few songs for my band. Nicks studio was one of the first ones that came up. Not only is he very good at the technical side of recording but he makes you feel at ease as well. Invaluable!

    John Pearson

From there he developed himself on the guitar, learning by listening to such players as Beck, Clapton, Lifeson, Fripp and then later Vai and Zappa! Nick is totally self taught and has played the kent and London circuit in various bands for 25 years enjoying a 10 year stint with one of Kent's most popular band The Rainkings. Also developing an interest in the art of sound recording early in his career he set about building a recording studio in kent, initially to record his own music but then after as a business venture.

Nick Wood currently plays guitar with popular kent covers trio The Fecks and plays bass guitar with classic rock band Headlong. He also runs Broadwood Music Productions - Recording Studio, teaches guitar and enjoys web design and development.

  • Guitar Playing
  • Bass Playing
  • Songwriting & Composition
  • Recording & Production
  • Website Design

Guitar Player

Available for bands, dep gigs, recording sessions, in fact, anything that you could use a guitar player for. Nick's gear reflects his versatile attitude and is capable of getting the sounds required to suit your project. If you need a guitarist for your recording project but don't wish to pay a travel fee why not get him to record the part in his studio and transfer the files to you? Although Nick has only basic site reading skills he is a very fast learner and very imaginative when it comes to creating parts.

  • Own gear and transport.
  • A variety of styles covered.
  • Fast learner.

Friendly and reliable, Nick is willing to travel within a 50 mile radius from maidstone.

Guitar MP3's visit the portfolio page to hear some recorded tracks featuring Nick's guitar playing!

Bass Player

Although an accomplished guitar player Nick is also adept at turning his hand to Bass playing. Where some guitarists may tend to play the bass like a guitar, he will blend in to any backline and will groove along as a unit with the drummer.

  • Own gear and transport.
  • A variety of styles covered.
  • Fast learner.

Friendly and reliable, Nick is willing to travel within a 50 mile radius from maidstone.

Bass Playing MP3's visit the portfolio page to hear some recorded tracks featuring Nick's guitar playing!

Songwriting & Composition

Nick writes and composes music as part of an online music library for use in television and media. He is not only an accomplished guitar and bass player but also plays drums and keyboards and is an adept midi programmer. He is very good at turning basic musical ideas into full blown produced recordings and often assists his studio clients in honing their song ideas into reality. Some of his work has appeared on television and his latest project is an album called Moon which he is hoping will attract the attention of program makers.

  • Multi instrumentalist - programmer.
  • Creative and musically artistic
  • Have your song ideas turned into full blown productions.

Let Nick help you write and record you song ideas in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

Composition MP3's Visit the portfolio page to listen to some of his self penned compositions and songs. Also, check out The Moon Album page to check the progress of his first upcoming album Moon.

Recording & Production

Nick Wood owns and runs a professional recording studio in the heart of the Kent countryside where he records and produces local bands and artists and also writes and composes media music. The studio is fully equipped complete with live room, vocal booth and various amps and instruments and is suitable for demo's or fully produced recordings.

  • Fully equipped professional digital recording studio
  • Band/artist recording, mixing, editing and mastering.
  • Other services include guitar/bass tuition and rehearsal space

Nick is a sound engineer with more than 20 years experience

Studio Quality Visit the portfolio page to hear the recording quality at Broadwood Music Productions!

Web design and development

As well as his musical services, he is also adept at website design and programming. Nick not only builds and develops his own websites but he also has worked for other clients. Specialising in band/artist website design he also designed and hosted sites for a window company, a hypnotherapy company and is in the process of designing sites for an Electronics repair service and a music teacher. His design and programming skills include...

  • HTML, javascript and ASP.Net powered websites.
  • Visual Basic and SQL database implementation.
  • Graphics packages such as Photoshop, Xara and Serif.

If you are a band or artist and need a website to promote your music then why not let Nick give you a quote?

See For Yourself! See the portfolio page to see examples of some of the sites Nick has developed.

Browse Projects:

Welcome to the portfolio section. Although a bit sparse at the moment there will be more added over the next few weeks so please check back often!

News, Gigs And Announcements

Check out this section for news of upcoming gigs, events, projects, studio promotions and updates on the progress of Nicks forthcoming album Moon.Nick Wood - Guitar Player

Nov 2013

My new band The Stress Monkeys are now up and ready and in the process of getting gigs. Mainly a modern Indie style covers band The Stress Monkeys are pretty versatile, can cover any party, event or gig and keep everybody happy but we also get to play songs we enjoy!! For more info check out the band website The Stress Monkeys - kent covers band

Sept 2013

Still looking for that special frontperson for a few different up and coming projects. Please get in touch if you think you have what it takes...

July 2013

Singer/Frontperson wanted for a band project. I'm currently looking for a male or female frontperson who is confident and able to do various styles. An instrument would be a bonus, as would be own PA. Own transport is a nescessity. If you are interested, drop me an email.

Keep up to date with Nick's news and events by checking out his blog at


Introducing Nick Wood's forthcoming guitar instrumental album entitledMoon. The album encompasses a wide range of styles, feelings and emotions and as such some of the songs are intended for television/media audience. The album is in it's early stages of development and nick hopes to release Moon on his own record label. The album features some top rate musicians and once completed nick is hoping to enlist the expertise and help from one of the UK's most prolific mixing engineers to mix the album.

The photo montage on the left is taken from a stock photo source and, although not used for the final, will serve as a starting point for the concept of the cover artwork.

Being a solely independant artist/composer is a daunting, time consuming task so please support Nick's progress by pre-ordering the album via the Broadwood Music Productions Online Shop. The album will be on general sale for £9.99 but by pre-ordering and helping Nick to finance this project you can secure your copy at only £7.99.

Contact information

If you would like to contact Nick, either to procure one of his professional services or even just to drop by and say hi, simply write or email or via the details below or fill in and send the contact form to the right.

  • Address: Unit7, newington Enterprise Center, Wardwell Lane, Newington
  • Mobile: +44 (0)7732 613471
  • Studio: +44 (0)1795 841426

Visit Nick's blog at

Contact Nick Wood

  • Please type the number 3641 in box to prove you are not a robot

UK Guitar player. Guitarist Nick Wood is also a sound engineer and a dep guitarist, dep guitar player and is a guitarist available for gigs and deps.

guitarist available for gigs and deps

Guitarist Available

Nick Wood is available for any bands, gigs or deps. Guitarist Available

Nick Wood is a Guitar player. Guitarist Nick Wood is also a sound engineer and a dep guitarist, dep guitar player and is a guitarist available for gigs and deps.

Nick Wood Guitar player available

Dep guitarist

available for any bands, gigs or deps. Guitar player available

Nick Wood is a Guitar player. Guitarist Nick Wood is also a sound engineer and a dep guitarist, dep guitar player and is a guitarist available for gigs and deps.

Guitarist wanted

Guitarist Available

Available for any bands, gigs or deps. Guitarist Available